DMP - Data Managment Platform

The database tells us which users will be interested in advertising. DMP has the ability to collect and structure all types of audit data, as well as to analyze existing ones. It transforms information to the DSP for targeted ad placement.
There is no binding to a specific website or net.

Data sources

Программатик реклама из Web
  • Browsing history
  • Search query
  • Online-shopping
  • Content
Программатик реклама из социальных сетей
  • Gender, age
  • Marital status
  • Interests
  • “Likes” and “check-ins”
Программатик реклама из мобильных устройств
  • Applications activity
  • Operator information
  • Location
  • Information about the device
Программатик реклама из оффлайна
  • Consumer activity
  • Loyalty card
  • Financial activity

Data is combined into audit segments

Программатик реклама по демографии
  • Gender and age
  • Marital status
  • Income level
  • Presence of children
Программатик реклама по гео зависимости
  • City of residence
  • City of work
  • Residence
  • Global targeting
Программатик реклама по намерениях
  • Buy real estate
  • Buy a car
  • Contract a loan
  • To make a renovation
Программатик реклама по интересам
  • Enjoys fishing
  • Visits restaurants
  • Gadgets enthusiast
  • Loves to travel

DSP - Demand Side Platform

Aggregator of advertiser requests for advertising of goods and services. The purpose of DSP is to buy cheap impressions of the audience that meets the needs of the advertiser. Basically, DSP allows advertisers to buy an audience rather than specific ad placements. This is a software shell for the interaction of ECO system parts.

Automatic optimization

Analyst robot processes information about the progress
of each advertising campaign 24/7 and makes changes.
Оптимизация рекламы по целевым действиям

Expands the reach of users similar to those who have performed targeted actions.

Оптимизация рекламы

Optimizes the number of impressions and reach.

Автоматическая оптимизация программатик рекламы

Monitors the implementation of KPI.